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No frozen yogurt or Shaved Snow is complete without toppings, and at Snow Dragon Shavery, we have the toppings that will hit the spot. Whether you prefer the crunch of granola, the tangy flavor of Nerds or gummy bears, or the sweetness of fresh fruit, we have just what you need to enhance your Shaved Snow or frozen yogurt. And with plenty of drizzles available, you can craft a completely personalized treat.

If you’re  


at our list...

there’s an easy way to fix that. Visit Snow Dragon Shavery today to cure your craving!
• Blueberry
• Kiwi
• Mango
• Pineapple
• Strawberry
• Strawberry Juice Balls
• Mango Juice Balls
• Almonds
• Coconut Flakes
• Fruit Granola
• Graham Crackers
• Oats & Honey Granola
• Peanuts
• Trail Mix
Candy & More
• Butterfinger
• Chocolate Rocks
• Froot Loops
• Gummy Bears
• M&Ms
• Mochi Rice Cakes
• Nerds
• Reese’s
• Reese’s Mini Pieces
• Sour Gummy Worms
Chocolate Chips & More
• Chocolate Chips
• Marshmallows
• Peanut Butter Chips
• White Chocolate Chips
• Yogurt Chips
Cookies & Baked Goods
• Brownies
• Cookie Dough
• Oreos
• Chocolate Sprinkles
• Rainbow Sprinkles
• Caramel
• Chocolate
• Condensed Milk
• Mango Drizzle
• Strawberry
• Coconut Drizzle
Jelly & More
• Lyche
• Green Apple Jelly 
• Mango Jelly
• Bobba
• Sweet Red Beans
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